This project is an impressive 5m tall tensile structure that is attached to the site’s ceiling beams. on the structure a large screen is attached that follows the curve of the installation. Using the Xbox Kinect’s motion tracking technology and the Unity game engine, virtual objects are projected onto the screen using 4 large projectors.  These objects are rendered in anaglyph 3d, which allows digital information to be ‘touched’ and interacted with as they float through physical space through red-blue anaglyph glasses. 

first prototype by
construction team.
1 large tv screen.
//hand movement tracked using Xbox Kinect and behaviour programmed using C# in Unity.

Second Prototype by construction team.
3 projecters. 
// horizontal orientation for  coverage of peripheral vision. 

third Prototype by
construction team.
4 projectors. 
// Vertical orientation and Tighter radius of screen for more immersion.


Final Structure // demonstration for public