This university project sure was certainly ambitious.  on the structure a large screen is attached that follows the curve of the installation. It is a giant screen with a 5m radius, over 2m in width. The screen was made up of multiple enormous sheets of acrylic, which was in turn spray painted black for the 3 projectors that were to project on this thing. Will get to the projectors later.

This project is an impressive 5m tall tensile structure that is attached to the site’s ceiling beams. Using the Xbox Kinect’s motion tracking technology and the Unity game engine, virtual objects are projected onto the screen using 4 large projectors.  These objects are rendered in anaglyph 3d, which allows digital information to be ‘touched’ and interacted with as they float through physical space through red-blue anaglyph glasses. 


This projector screen was held in place by a set of hinged scaffold cross braces with steel wires acting as tensioners along the perimeter. 2 sides would used to directly connect each of the 5 pairs of cross braces together.

We were optimistic as we did consult an engineer. But it was pretty amazing to see it for real for the first time. Even  Each end had wooden pegs that was rammed into then a threaded rod that went through that peg itself. The rod would protrude and at its end there would be a hole for the steel wires.

first prototype by
construction team.
1 large tv screen.
//hand movement tracked using Xbox Kinect and behaviour programmed using C# in Unity.

Second Prototype by construction team.
3 projecters. 
// horizontal orientation for  coverage of peripheral vision. 

third Prototype by
construction team.
4 projectors. 
// Vertical orientation and Tighter radius of screen for more immersion.

Construction. This was my large scale construction project I have done and this one was also difficult. Once we created all the cross braces, we finally connected them together. Once we actually linked them it was quite a sight! It was over 2m wide and 4m long, and the acrylic display was even larger than it!

That was the easiet part however, as now we had to use the steel wires to actually tension the skeleton into the desired curve. Some brave moments were required, as we pulled on the steel wire through the designated holes in the rods.

The finished display was a magnificant sight, to see it in real life after only seeing it on the computer was crazy. It was just as impressive in scale as the Conitnuum uni project. Images above show the project set up by the projector team, and mapping out the projectors for the display itself.  

Final Structure // demonstration for public f

It was quite an experience building this monstrocity. This was a team of 20 and that middle picture is me and my animation. With the glasses it was definitely unique, the curved display providing an unusual sense of depth. The others also had some convincing animations using the kinect, making the digital verse feel like it is truly surrounding you.