Unlined is a video dance project that explores the story of identity. A project lead by Yin Chi Lee with collaborators Darryl Chin and myself.  

This particular project was for me the first ‘big’ project outside of university. Having done Murmurs prior, we wanted to further push the digital production in this particular project. Doing this video certainly took a lot of effort on all of us. 



I think the biggest challenge for this project was the filming the physical bodies. At this stage we did not have many facilities or the equipment to film Darryl and Yin Chi. I would like to say we were quite resourceful though, since we don’t neccessarily need to have a green screen to Key out in post production. It could be done with a blue background as it was done decades ago and we definitely had a ‘blue background.’


Limited with resources we decided to use Yin Chi’s wushu training center as our filiming location. Coincidentally the space had large pads that could act as backgrounds for the dancers. Unfortunately we had limited controls with lighting as the dojo was set in a large warehouse, with overhead lighting that couldn’t make the space bright enough. 

Depsite the limitations we succeeded in recording the required movements, and post production can finally begin. 

During the filiming, the digital space was also being constructed.